Dr. Potapenko Psychological Services

Adults need care too. Mental health care and mental health hygiene is crucial to our quality of life. Through the ups and downs of life, we all need a safe space to understand our experiences and ourselves. I am here to offer support and hold that space for you. If you are looking to process events or changes in your life, consider utilizing my services for help with that. But if you are experiencing bouts of anxiety, depression, trauma triggers, or chronic struggles in your personal life and work life, then I strongly urge you to reach out. I am trained to help you with these struggles and that is what I want to do. These types of challenges weigh on you and you absolutely deserve to have the help and support of someone who knows how to be helpful. Being helpful means understanding you in the context of your life story and giving you tools and techniques to better manage stress, make meaning of your life in a healthy way, feel strong in your identity, become empowered in your life, and learn to take care of your own nervous system-mind and body, they way you deserve to be cared for.

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